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ABR, Low Latency CMAF, CTE, and Optimised Video Playback

THEO Technologies and EZDRM partner to offer DRM-protected ultra-low latency video for Sportsbooks and iGaming providers

Demand for live streaming video is growing, along with consumer aversion to high latency. To enable the delivery of HTTP-based video within nearly 3 seconds, below that of standard IPTV, service providers can look to a proven set of technologies that include multicast ABR, the Common …

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Apple's Protocol Extension for Low-Latency HLS - what you need to know.

Apple devices

Apple recently announced their Protocol Extension for Low-Latency HLS (Preliminary Specification). In this blogpost we will talk through a few of the exciting new features, and a few that we aren't so sure about yet. If you want to know the basics about HLS, or a previous solution for …

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