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THEO Technologies ranked 47 fastest-growing company in the Deloitte 2018 Technology Fast 500 EMEA List.

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THEO Technologies ranked the number 47 fastest-growing company on Deloitte 2018 Technology Fast 500 EMEA list.

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Apple's Protocol Extension for Low-Latency HLS - what you need to know.

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Apple recently announced their Protocol Extension for Low-Latency HLS (Preliminary Specification). In this blogpost we will talk through a few of the exciting new features, and a few that we aren't so sure about yet. If you want to know the basics about HLS, or a previous solution for …

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In-stream thumbnail support for (DVR) DASH streams


A thumbnail is a reduced size image of a specific frame which helps a viewer to seek to a specific event or scene in a video. Typically, thumbnails are added to a stream using a separate (WebVTT) file which contains pre-rendered images. While this approach works fine for static VOD co …

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How a Powerful Player API Can Help Solve Today’s Delivery Challenges


For video engineers it is clear: The online video industry is evolving at an incredibly fast pace. During the last few years, we’ve seen the demise of old streaming protocols and the introduction of new ones, the disappearance of browser plugins, an explosion in video capable consumer …

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THEO Technologies wins Fast 50 Award in Media and Entertainment Category


We are proud to announce that THEO Technologies won the 5th edition of Belgian Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 Award in the Media and Entertainment Category, the annual competition that rewards Belgian companies who develop a technology product or service, experiencing a substantial rev …

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THEOplayer awarded Best Video Player Solution / SDK 2018 by Streaming Media Readers

THEOplayer wins the Streaming Media Global Readers Choice Awards

The 2018 Readers’ Choice Award winners have been announced yesterday during Streaming Media West in Huntington Beach, California. The competition gathered more than 25000 votes across 30 categories and... drumroll... THEOplayer got awarded Best Video Player Solution/SDK 2018!

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THEO Technologies has been nominated for the Deloitte's 2018 Technology Fast 50


THEO Technologies has been nominated for Deloitte’s 2018 Technology Fast 50 competition for technology companies headquartered in Belgium. The Fast 50 award will be given to the country’s fastest-growing technology company, based on its percentage of growth in turnover during the last …

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THEOplayer now supports AV1 on Chrome


THEOplayer now supports AV1 on Chrome 69 Beta. The latest version of Google’s browser was released on August 2 with AV1 decode. Although the support is still in early form, AV1 video playback is now possible thanks to AV1 V1.0 being firmed up. Hooray Your Browser Supports AV1 Good new …

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Low Latency HLS - LHLS


Within our series of articles explaining the needs for, and ways to achieve low latency, we already discussed Chunked CMAF, a very promising technique which is actively being standardised and implemented by the industry at publication of this article. There are however alternatives wh …

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Low Latency with Chunked CMAF


In the first part of this content series we discussed latency: what it is and why it is important, and we gave a general overview of the current industry approaches. As media companies are on a quest to lower their latency to only a few seconds (or even lower), we will dedicate some s …

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