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The importance of low latency in video streaming


When it comes to live video, it’s hard to deliver an actual, real live streaming experience. The latency problem is especially noticeable when video is distributed using online streaming platforms: you may have heard the stories of watching a sports event and hearing the neighbours ch …

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Streaming Media European Readers' Choice Awards: vote for us!


We are thrilled to announce that THEOplayer has been nominated for 2018 Streaming Media Readers’ Choice Award. This program rewards the best European products and services in the online video industry selected by you.

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Monetise your content with THEOplayer and Google DFP DAI pre-integration


At a time when the popularity of online video surges, so do online video ads. Advertisers found in video a new source of monetisation. But in parallel with an increasing amount of video ads, more and more ad blockers get installed. In a previous article we already discussed the curren …

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Chrome's Autoplay Policy: what you need to know


You might have noticed that lately, when you land on a website, your video starts playing without sound. This is the result of the new Chrome autoplay policy, which blocks sound from automatically playing without user consent. But what is this new policy and how will this affect media …

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Optimise your video delivery costs with THEOplayer Network API


Did you know that a 7 seconds video start-up time can result in 50 percent of your audience giving up on playing the video? According to Akamai’s report, the most important factor for streaming services success is, in fact, start-up time, which is the gap between when the viewer hits …

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Building better experiences with THEOplayer’s Web Audio API

THEOplayer Web Audio API keys learnings

Audio is a key factor in visual media and can enhance or destroy your experience: good processed audio can, in fact, make the experience more immersive, increase the viewer engagement and improve accessibility for those with impaired hearing. That’s why THEOplayer offers the Web Audio …

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THEO Technologies Open House. It's time to celebrate!

Steven Tielemans: Viewers expectations create business opportunities

On March 13th we celebrated the official THEO Technologies' Open House at THEOplayer's HQ in Leuven, Belgium. Remarkable personalities such as Mohamed Ridouani, Deputy Mayor of Leuven, and Lorin Parys, Belgian Flemish Party Deputy, joined us for our celebration and empowered the alrea …

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NAB Las Vegas. This is what you should not miss


NAB Las Vegas is just a few weeks away and this year THEOplayer will be exhibiting as World’s Best Online Video Player / SDK of 2017. Over the last year, we focused our efforts to build new features within our video player, which have been designed to deliver the most consistent and t …

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AV1 or HEVC? How to choose the best video codec

What video codec comes now?

The last few months brought us a plethora of presentations, blogposts and articles (as you can read in our previous one) about the new AV1 codec. As of January 2018, the codec’s bitstream has been fixed by its working group, the Alliance for Open Media, meaning that companies can star …

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Meet THEOplayer at BVE

THEOplayer will be at BVE Connected Media 2018, meet us there

The UK largest entertainment and media tech event, BVE, is about to kick off in London and THEOplayer will be one of the exhibitors from 27th February to 1st March. It will be an inspiring experience, filled with interesting conference sessions, panel debates and exhibitor shows. Find …

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