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THEOplayer Wins Best Video Player Solution/ SDK

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Streaming Media Europe announced Friday that THEOplayer won Best Video Player Solution/SDKin the European Readers' Choice Awards, for the fourth year in a row. 2019 marks the 11th annual Streaming Media European Readers' Choice Awards which highlighted 17 different categories.

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Apple's Protocol Extension for Low-Latency HLS - what you need to know.

Apple devices

Apple recently announced their Protocol Extension for Low-Latency HLS (Preliminary Specification). In this blogpost we will talk through a few of the exciting new features, and a few that we aren't so sure about yet. If you want to know the basics about HLS, or a previous solution for …

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For the 2nd year in a row, THEOplayer has been awarded best Video Player Solution / SDK by Streaming Media Europe

Breakfast at THEOplayer

Streaming Media announced today THEOplayer won for the 2nd time in a row Best Video Player Solution/SDK in the European Reader’s Choice Awards. More than 2,700 of Streaming Media’s Readers voted.

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Next-Level Content Monetization With Dynamic Ad Insertion In HTML5

The Challenges Of Video Advertising Today In today’s market, broadcasters, operators and online publishers are dealing with numerous challenges when it comes to content monetization. As owners distribute their content online, they will reach a wide and diverse audience that is geograp …

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