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Chrome's Autoplay Policy: what you need to know


You might have noticed that lately, when you land on a website, your video starts playing without sound. This is the result of the new Chrome autoplay policy, which blocks sound from automatically playing without user consent. But what is this new policy and how will this affect media …

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Optimise your video delivery costs with THEOplayer Network API


Did you know that a 7 seconds video start-up time can result in 50 percent of your audience giving up on playing the video? According to Akamai’s report, the most important factor for streaming services success is, in fact, start-up time, which is the gap between when the viewer hits …

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Building better experiences with THEOplayer’s Web Audio API

THEOplayer Web Audio API keys learnings

Audio is a key factor in visual media and can enhance or destroy your experience: good processed audio can, in fact, make the experience more immersive, increase the viewer engagement and improve accessibility for those with impaired hearing. That’s why THEOplayer offers the Web Audio …

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THEOplayer's new iOS and Android SDK 2.0

THEOplayer releases its new mobile SDK 2.0

Worldwide market research shows that 57% of consumers watch videos on one of the 3.1 billion mobile devices active globally. However, there are a lot of variables to consider when playing video on mobile devices, such as the size of the screen, the versions of the underlying operating …

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Ramp and THEOplayer team up to simplify the delivery and playback of enterprise video

Ramp and THEOplayer team up to simplify the video streaming delivery

AltitudeCDN™ and the Universal Player are mutually verified to operate seamlessly together as standard components of enterprise video deployments.

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Maximising Viewer Experience with Picture-In-Picture

What is picture-in-picture (PiP) and how can we use it to deliver a more engaging viewer experience when we combine video with other forms of content? In this blog post you will learn about PiP and its benefits, what some typical uses of PiP are and finally, how THEOplayer can help yo …

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VR & 360° Video Beyond the Hype

THEOplayer provides VR 360

What is the current state and future of VR and 360° video? On Tuesday April 11th, our CPO Maarten Tielemans presided the webinar: “VR and 360° Video beyond the hype” organized by Streaming Media. The event included key people from Broadcasting Companies, Telcos and Media Companies fro …

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Online Video in 2017: A Letter from Our CEO

Steven Tielemans, the CEO and co-founder of THEOplayer, shares his view about the key trends in online video for 2017.

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